2140/365 = nearly 6 lies a day.

2140/365 = nearly 6 lies a day.

President Trump is increasing government dysfunction and widening political divisions with his loose tongue and lack of leadership. He is also tarnishing America’s system of values and global image.

Since taking office, our president has made 2,140 false or misleading claims on a range of topics including his personal history, the election, the environment, healthcare, foreign policy (particularly Russia), jobs, immigration, and the economy—while equality, compassion, and truth all seemed to have been tossed to the wayside.

Many Republican politicians have also become complicit in these lies or have pushed their own false narratives, and those who have not are planning early retirements or are trying their best to speak out against the president’s actions.

It is wrong, hypocritical, and dangerous to have a modern President of the United States vilifying press as “the enemy of the people,” attacking veterans and Gold Star families, and who gets compared to past dictators or totalitarian leaders by members of his own party. It also sends out a horrible message to our allies and people all around the world who look up to America and the values we stand for. As it stands now, worldwide approval of US leadership under President Donald Trump has dropped to 30%, the lowest it has ever been.

Please help me to get to Congress in Florida. Republican politicians are planning to put up a tough fight, but with your support and all the recent momentum that is building, I know WE CAN WIN THIS CONGRESSIONAL SEAT. Click here to contribute $25, $75, $125, or any amount of your choosing.

This November Midterm, help truth stand up to power.

– Mary