How would Dr. King respond to this president

How would Dr. King respond to this president

Today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I find myself asking how Dr. King would confront a president such as ours and how he would handle all the divisiveness and malcontent created by this White House.

The increasing vitriol and hate I see in politics lately is severely troubling.

Unfortunately, far too many of our elected leaders use this division as a tool for power—this is not leadership. Now more than ever we need leaders who bring us together.

Now is a time to heal, put aside differences, and to always remember the ideas and values that Dr. King dedicated his life to.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

It is important that we take this day, and frankly all days, to reject division and fight back against injustice in all its forms, wherever it may be.

Let’s heed his lessons of equity and the power of loving your fellow human beings.

– Mary