Everything that happened these last weeks…

Everything that happened these last weeks…

What we’ve accomplished together these last few months is truly remarkable.

We’ve earned endorsements from powerhouse organizations like Emily’s List, have had articles written about us in the New York Times, Sun Sentinel, and Miami Herald, and we even made the cover of Time Magazine!

We also were an integral part of the Women’s March and were one of the first congressional candidates in the country calling for Trump to step down.

Never have I felt more proud and inspired to make a difference for my community, the people of Florida, and the rest of the nation.

We could not have done it without you—so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In the months ahead, I hope you are as excited and determined as I am to win District 27’s congressional seat so we can flip Congress back to Democrats and Progressives this November Midterm. Please keep up the momentum by making a quick contribution to the campaign of $10-$50, or any amount of your choosing.

Thank you for all your help, uplifting energy, and wonderful smiles along the way! It has been such a pleasure.

Looking forward to the next time we meet,

– Mary