Fighting the influence of the NRA in Congress

Fighting the influence of the NRA in Congress

Weapons of war have no place in our classrooms, neighborhoods, or public spaces. This is something I truly believe most of us agree with. So why are we stuck with the status quo?

This is the status:

  1. The NRA puts enormous pressure on our lawmakers through millions and millions of dollars in political contributions.
  2. Nothing gets done.
  3. People get killed.

I believe we have a responsibility to act, and a failure to do so makes us complicit.

The NRA has billions of dollars. They’ve bought and paid for a Congress that will advance their agenda and their profit margins upon command.

This is why WE must support candidates who are 100% committed to taking on the NRA and enacting policies to end senseless gun violence.

This is a matter of life and death.

After Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando, and Las Vegas nothing changed. Now is our chance with Parkland. Watching the news we hear the stories of our neighbors, friends, and associates who have been directly affected by this massacre. How do we look them in the eyes after doing so little?

We must do more. But we must have the resources to meet head on those who want us to continue doing nothing.

Together we will take on the NRA and win.

Thank you,

 – Mary