Impeach the President

Impeach the President

President Donald J. Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

I spent nearly a decade as a judge and over a decade prior as a federal public defender. I have a deep and abiding respect for the notion that no man or woman – even the President of the United States – is above the law. But prosecuting a sitting President is not as simple as empaneling a grand jury, and filing an indictment in federal court. Nor should it be.

This is why our Constitution lays out the standards and procedure of Impeachment. Unlike the justice system in which I’ve spent my entire career, a “crime” need not be committed to impeach a public official, nor does committing a crime necessarily warrant impeachment. Articles 1 and 2 of the United States Constitution grant the legislative branch broad responsibility to determine which acts rise to a level requiring the exercise of this authority.

Donald Trump isn’t on the 2018 ballot – but his presidency must be. We must be willing to tell voters, “Yes – I will vote to impeach Donald Trump and restore honor, respect and decency to the Presidency.”

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President Trump has:

  • Fired an FBI director investigating his administration for failing to demonstrate sufficient loyalty.
  • Hired a National Security Advisor the nation’s highest intelligence officials warned was compromised by Russia.
  • Pardoned a political supporter, in such a way as to disrespect and weaken the judiciary’s inherent authority.
  • Betrayed the trust of one of our closest allies, Israel, by passing classified intelligence to Russia, risking human lives and compromising national security.
  • Appointed family members, sycophants and business partners to high-ranking government positions.
  • Profited personally in office, in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution.
  • There is ample cause for Trump’s impeachment—and we need Democrats to have the fortitude to stand up and make it clear that upon our election, we WILL hold him accountable.

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Thank you for your support,

Mary Barzee Flores