Impeachment Push Update

Impeachment Push Update

Less than 2 weeks ago, I called for Donald Trump’s impeachment and promised to make that a priority when taking office. Since that time, thousands of supporters have signed up, and many Democrats, even those currently in office, have followed suit.

Removing Donald Trump from office isn’t just important to our country… it is also a matter of law: he has abused his power to enrich himself and his friends, here and abroad, and obstructed justice. We cannot and should NOT look the other way because it is politically challenging.

We must hold him and every corrupt member of his administration accountable:

Help me push this point to Democrats far and wide by making a contribution to our impeachment push today.

This President has failed our country with impeachable offenses far more serious than we have seen before.

We must not waver.

We cannot allow the rule of law to be subverted by those in power. In fact, they should be held to our strictest standards of ethics.

Thank you for your support,

 – Mary Barzee Flores