Trump denies legitimacy of audio tape

Trump denies legitimacy of audio tape

“I said it. I was wrong. I apologize.”

That’s what candidate Trump said in response to the infamous Access Hollywood tape where he claimed he could sexually assault women because he was famous.

Yet now, as he defends his endorsement of accused pedophile and Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, he has been reported to question the legitimacy of the very tape he apologized for.

This bending of reality is nothing new for Trump, but this latest lie feels bigger than usual.

Maybe it’s that so many are finally being held accountable for their assaults and harassment, yet he has not.

Trump’s defense of Roy Moore, which essentially amounts to, “he denies it,” is ironic – because with Trump, it doesn’t matter if you deny it or not… you can always lie about it later.

When are we going to hold Trump accountable?

We MUST take back the House. We MUST impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office. It’s crucial to our nation’s future and rule of law.

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 – Mary Barzee Flores