US female political empowerment is at a 10 year low

US female political empowerment is at a 10 year low

It’s sad, that in 2017 a gender gap still exists in 144 countries including the United States. The scary part is, it’s widening—not getting better.

Economic opportunities, educational attainment, political participation, and health outcomes are all areas where women remain significantly worse off than men. In fact, the data shows that only 68% of women enjoy similar outcomes and protections throughout their lives.

Aside from the obvious social injustices, there are immense economic repercussions as well. Closing the gender gap would add $1.7 billion to our GDP. It would also allow women to live longer, healthier lives, achieve more monetary and educational success, and be more active politically.

Since Trump has been elected, the United States has been headed in the opposite direction. Female political empowerment is at its lowest rate in 10 years (we’re now ranked 96 in the world). The President’s older, white, rich, all-male Cabinet DOES NOT reflect the needs, viewpoints, and people of America.

Help me get to Congress so we can put forth policies that will uplift women in the United States and all across the world, and finally close the gender gap once and for all.

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Our daughters, our sisters, and our mothers deserve no less.

– Mary